The art of holding things together.

It seems so easy sometimes. This little life of mine. Just tap the dots and act professional.
Thank you Miranda. Again - you are a life saver.
(Does anyone follow blogs anymore?)

It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings...

Hey you all!!
I'm here... Or, well, not quite here but over at Elle Interiör things has started moving again. Come visit my blog over there! It's in swedish, at least for now, but there is this nice little google translate button you can click at the bottom ;-) I miss you!

I'm ok

Dear Friends, I'm posting to let you know that I'm ok and to say thank you for your support and your kind words. The last months has been a struggle in many ways but I'm happy to say I'm more or less through now. I haven't decided what will happen to this blog yet, but what I can say is that my focus in life has kind of shifted. So this blog will rest a little more while I'm catching breath.

Illustration by Yumi Sakugawa

The truth is.

Dear readers, friends and followers. I feel it's time I share this with you. I usually don't post things that are this personal since this is more a "blog-of-nice-stuff" than it is a blog about me.

The thing is, that for the second time in my life, the evil little bastard called cancer moved in to my body. I'm furious, frustrated and very sad. I thought I had done my round but suddenly he is back. Not as ugly as last time perhaps, but ugly enough

The good news are that it was detected at a very early stage and the doctors tell me that all the evil stuff was removed with the surgery I had. I will be undergoing chemo therapy for the months to come though, to make sure that awful son-of-a-bitch doesn't move back in. Therefore, this blog will be silent for a while.

Meanwhile I will be spending time with the ones I love and find ways to cure both body and soul.

I thank you all for stopping by and I hope to be back soon!

Image from here

Isn't it strange

When life is tough, people you've known for most (or all!) of your life strangely disappears. At the same time, people you've never met before turns up from nowhere to give you strenght and help you out.

Today we had a really awful day. Suddenly the doorbell rang and outside our door was this wonderful person with three books he wanted to give to my husband. Just to cheer him up. We've never met before.

Thank you so much! You saved our day, Egill!!


Sometimes life hits you in the face big time. So today, when I have no words, I borrow from Isak Dinesen aka Karen Blixen. I won't be posting for a while, but I'll be back. I just need to be close to my salt water for a while. Love to all of you.
// Emma

Bjerge by Marianne Nielsen

Icecream coloured, beautiful ceramics by danish artist Marianne Nielsen.

Tourists at home and roof top drama

Sometimes when you have friends staying at your place you rediscover your own city and remember why you love it so much. Thank you Hanna, Robert and little Lee for two amazing days!
We woke up after the Nørrebro Distortion festival night and discovered a guy sleeping on the roof of the building facing our appartment. He kept rolling closer and closer to the edge (you can see his arm like a little bump on the bottom pic) and us shouting and whisteling was no way near enough to wake him. We ended up calling the police who came and woke the tired man up. I hope he didn't get into touble because of us, but it was just too scary to watch and not do anything.

Jag älskar min mamma!

Jag älskar dig mamma, du är bäst!
Happy mother's day mom. I love you. You are the best!



Russian appartments found here.


I'm going to cry. I'm going to laugh.


Found these wonderful photos of the boutique Liebling in Malmö over at Byggfabriken's blog. Lovely! Why have I never been there?
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